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Bowron Baby Sheepskin UnShorn Comforteer baby sheepskin blanket
Baby Sheepskin Products, Bowron BabyCare Shorn Lambskin Babies
Australian Sheepskin Rugs Babies Comfort
Bowron Sheepskin UnShorn Baby Comforteer - (start your infant out on the comfort of sheepskin)
Bowron BabyCare Shorn Lambskin - (perfect for anywhere you need to add some comfort for your little one.)
Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug (One Pet Ivory Natural Fur, Single, Approx. 2' x 3' on the fur side)
  • This sheepskin baby comforteer has been found to be hypo-allergenic and non-toxic to babies.
  • Has a 72 day-finishing process
  • Every Bowron Sheepskin is the perfect result of the same methods pioneered in the 1880's by the Bowron brothers from Yorkshire.
  • Amazingly stain resistant.
  • Individually sanitized.
  • Eucalan wool wash is recommended.
  • Lambskin from Bowron is a great way to make Tummy or Nap Time a little more enticing.
  • Warm in the winter and cool in the summer the lambskin is highly durable and go anywhere that your baby plays.
  • Varies in dimensions from 35 to 41" long and approximately 19" wide.
  • Pile height is 1.4" on average.
  • Individually sanitized.
  • This sheepskin rug is santized against germs and shown to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • Great for any age from babies to the elderly.
  • The furn is not dyed and has a natural color which may vary from white to light yellow.
  • Rug has a genuine soft white suede, non-slip backing.
  • Soft and durable sheepskin rugs for babies.
Sheepskin for Baby - Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Sheepskin Bunting Bag
Sheepskin Bunting Bag, Fareskind Baby Go Comfy
Libaby Bergen Merino Sheepskin Botties Baby, Suede outside
Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Sheepskin Bunting Bag (Blue, 0 - 12 Months)
Fareskind Baby Go Comfy Sheepskin Bunting Bag (Black, 6 - 36 Months)
Lilbaby Bergen Merino Sheepskin Baby Bootie - (Available in different sizes and colors for baby)
  • Baby go Cozy features adjustable side openings and 2 2-way zippers that allow baby's feet to poke through for extended use.
  • In winter, baby is gently protected from the harsh cold.
  • In summer, unzip and remove 2-in-1 Baby Go Cozy's top cover to transform into a liner so that in hot temperatures babies can continue to travel in luxurious comfort while staying dry, sheepskin naturally whisks away moisture from babies skin.
  • Universal 5 point harness fit for use on all 5 point harness strollers and baby carriers.
  • more...
  • Larger version of the Fareskind Baby Sheepskin Bunging Bag.
  • Same Universal 5 point harness fit for use on all 5 point harness strollers and baby carriers as the Go Cozy item.
  • Naturally self cleaning, no odor holding, hypoallergenic and machine washable sheepskin.
  • 100% Australian Merino Sheepskin.
  • All weather and water resistant.
  • These bunting bags make a great gift for a friend's baby or for all those grandchldren.
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  • The unique qualities of pure Australian Merino sheepskin naturally wick away moisture while controlling temperature so your child's feet are snuggled in all conditions.
  • The Bergen's super soft calf suede upper and outsole are stitched with classic moccasin style seams.
  • There is easy fastening with a super simple velcro fastener for easy entry and exit making it the perfect shoe for busy on-the-go travel.
  • Best for indoor use and only light outdoor use.
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Baby sheepskin stroller / pram liner for luxurious comfort.
Woolino Lambskin Naptime and Play Rug for Baby, Crib, Bassinet, Changing Table
Bebebene Sheepskin baby booties, Cognac and Sand
Baby Sheepskin Pram / Stroller Liner / Rug (5 Point Harness System)

Woolino Naptime and Play Rug for Babies - (100% Australian Lambskin)

Bebebene - Sheepskin Baby Booties - (Handmade in Mallorca, Spain, 5 sizes)
  • Babies are much more content when resting on lambskin.
  • The cuddly softness comforts and soothes and the plush fur relieves pressure points so baby rides more comfortably for longer periods of time.
  • The natural fibers of lamb's wool are hollow and breathable, which help maintain a comfortable body temperature so the lambskin is warming in winter and cooling in the summer months.
  • This sheepskin stroller liner is also great for infant seat or on the floor to keep baby feeling comfortable and secure.
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  • This Lambskin Rug for baby is ideal for naptime or playtime, as a liner for baby's crib, bassinet, changing table, playpen or infant seat.
  • Not only sooths and comforts but also makes your baby feel secure wherever baby goes with you.
  • 100% Natural Merino lambskin, seamless, quality-crafted from the most luxurious dense and silky Australian lambskins.
  • Lambskin Rug Size: 2' x 3'
  • Sheepskin Color: natural cream with yellowish hue.
  • Naturally flame resistant and static resistant.
  • more...
  • These Bebebene sheepskin booties keep baby's feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • No socks needed.
  • Made with sheepskin and sheep fur for newborns and prewalkers.
  • Stay-put booties for babies.
  • Botties come in 5 sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and 12-18 months.
  • Two colors available: Cognac and Sand
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Overland Short Wool Sheepskin Baby Rug
Bowron Babycare Baby Lambskin Buggy Fleece Liner
Fareskind The Easy Liner
Overland Short Wool Sheepskin Baby Rug - (by Overland Sheepskin Co.)
Bowron Babycare Baby Stroller Lambskin Fleece
Fareskind The Sheepskin Easy Liner - (0 - 36 Months)
  • The soft wool fibers of the Overland Sheepskin baby rug provides a springy cushion of year-round comfort for baby in their car seat, playpen or just while lying on the floor.
  • This premium Australian sheepskin is a natural insulator and wicks away moisture.
  • Sanitized against bacteria and germs.
  • Short wool version has been shorn to 3/4 " length.
  • Washable, imported.
  • Approx. 34" x 22" in size.
  • Nature's insulation for baby. Keeps warm and cozy in cold weather and absorbs moisture in warm weater to help keep baby drier and more comfortable.
  • This sheepskin stroller liner can also be used in playpen or on the floor.
  • Babies sleep longer and more soundly on Babycare Lambskins.
  • No crinkles or creases.
  • Materials: Shorn wool lambskin, 100% cotton backing.
  • Color: Oaten
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  • The easy sheepskin liner only uses grade A, 100% Australian Merino sheepskin.
  • Universal 5 point harness fit for use on all 5 point harness strollers and baby carriers.
  • In winter, protects from the bottom, where cold is most treacherous.
  • In summer, wicks away moisture in hot temperatures.
  • Liner is naturally self cleaning, no odor holding, hypoallergenic and machine washable sheepskin.
  • All weather and water resistant.
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