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Yellow Hooded Baby Bath TowelBaby skin is soft and tender and after their bath then they need a nice warm bath towel to cuddlPink Hooded Baby Towele up in to get dry.


Wash cloths, baby towels and towel warmers make a nice gift to the new mom. They come in sets, with cute animals on them like lions, owls, ducks and in an array of different colors.


Select the baby bathing accessories that you and your little one like the best:

Variety of Baby Towels and Bath Wash Cloths
Nice selection of Baby Bath Towels with Hood (Hooded) - Green, Yellow, White, Pink, Blue, with Duck, Frog, Elmo, Owl, Ark, Bear, Lamb and more.
Frog Baby Bath Towel and Bath Towel Gift Sets with Frog Character





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