Low Baby Cribs for Short Moms, Dads, Caretakers

Low Baby Cribs For Short Moms, Parents

Low cribs for short moms, parents are often hard to find. Most baby cribs are too high off the floor for petite moms and if you are a short parent then you feel like you are raising your child up over the crib rail and just dumping them into the crib.

Short moms and the traditional cribs just do not mix. And in spite of all the cribs on the market today it is really hard to find low cribs for short moms to buy.

After a lot of research we have found some of the best baby cribs for petite moms to consider.

Baby Cribs Petite Moms Contents at a glance....
babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Low Profile Baby Crib with Toddler Rail for Short Parents, Petite Moms White
Baby Mod Olivia 3-in-1 Baby Crib for Short Mother, Short Parents with four-level mattress spring system
Stork Craft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib, good choice for short mom, white finish
Pali Imperia Forever Baby Crib, height good for short people, short moms - white and mocacchino finish
Childcraft London Euro Crib - baby cribs for petite moms in navy, lime, pink, jamocha and gray
babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Baby Crib with Toddler Rail for Short, Petite Moms, Parents - Espresso / White
Baby Relax Aaden Convertible Crib good for Petite Parents, Short Moms
Child Craft Bradford 4-in-1 Lifetime Convertible Crib with front height for petite moms, parents
Child Craft Parisian 3-in-1 Stationary Baby Crib with good height for short moms and dads
Baby Crib Accessores, Crib Rail Protector Teething Guard, Crib Mattress, Toddler Bed Rails Convertible Cribs

Cribs for Short Parents, babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertibel Low Rise Crib with Toddler Rail, White
Cribs for petite moms, Baby Mod - Olivia 3-in-1 Baby Crib
Stork Craft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib with low height for short moms
babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail - (good height for short moms)
Baby Mod - Olivia 3-in-1 Baby Crib - (Low Profile, Amber and White)
Stork Craft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib - (Height makes it a good crib for short mom)
  • With four adjustable mattress positions and a height of just 34.9" the babyletto Hudson Crib is perfect for short parents. The crib sits low enough to the floor that short moms can enjoying using it without difficulty.
  • The stylish rounded spindles bring a simple charm and give the Hudson Baby Crib an open, radient feel.
  • The all-spindle sides let you keep an eye on baby from all angels.
  • The Hudson 3-in-1 crib converts to both a toddler bed (rail included) and daybed.
  • Choose from 5 colors.
  • more...
  • The Baby Mod, Olivia baby crib has a height of 35" which is nice for petite moms to use.
  • This crib converts to a daybed and toddler bed using the included guard rail conversion kit.
  • The mattress height adjust to 4 levels for versatile crib size and conversion to toddler bed.
  • Crib is made of Solid New Zealand pinewood construction.
  • Easy to put together.
  • No moving parts, all sides are stationary.
  • Mattress spring system uses standard sized crib mattress.
  • more...
  • The beautifully crafted Storkcraft Hillcrest baby crib comes in at 34.2" high for short moms to enjoy.
  • The crib with its modern look and design is both trendy and functional.
  • The Hillcrest crib will grow with your child as it can be converted to a day bed and a full size bed (rails sold separately) providing years or enjoyment.
  • This baby crib features three height adjustable mattress levels.
  • Easy to assemble with permanently attached instructions.
  • more...
Pali Imperia Forever Baby Crib, Low Height for short people
Cribs with height for short moms, Childcraft London Euro Crib
low baby cribs for short parents, babyletto modo 3-in-1 Crib with Toddler Rail
Pali Imperia Forever Baby Low Crib, White - (Also available in Mocacchino, good crib for short parents)
Childcraft London Euro Crib, Navy (Available in Pink, Lime, Jamocha, Gray and Navy)
babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler Rail, Espresso / White (Another selection for short moms)
  • Pali brings safe and comfortable cribs to your nursery and the Imperia is a good crib for short people due to the height of just 34.5".
  • Crib converts to toddler bed (toddler rail sold separate), child's day bed and full size bed (full bed rail sold separate).
  • Non-toxic finishes.
  • Wood slat supports.
  • Easy to adjust the height.
  • White and Mocacchino finishes.
  • more...
  • The London Euro crib is made of all wood construction with smooth lines and arched details and has a heigth of 34" to meet the needs in a crib for short moms.
  • Crib has three mattress positions and converts to toddler bed and daybed.
  • Easy to put together easy to clean and very compact, sturdy crib and good for small spaces.
  • Colors: Navy, Pink, Lime, Jamocha and Gray.
  • more...
  • The Modo Crib is sleek, safe and sophisticated and has a height of just 35 inches which short moms are looking for.
  • The Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib converts to both a toddler bed (rail included) and a daybed for use as baby grows.
  • Modo's solid wood construction means a sturdy and stable haven for baby and all-slat sides means mom and keep an ey on baby from all angles..
  • more...
Best baby crib for short petite moms and dads - Baby Relax Aaden Convertible Crib.
Child Craft Bradford Full Size 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, baby cribs for petite  moms.
Child Craft Parisian 3-in-1 Stationary crib with height good for short parents.
Baby Relax Aaden Convertible Crib (34.75 inches high, low crib for short mothers)

Child Craft Bradford Full Size 4-in-1 Convertible Crib - (Crib converts to a toddler bed, daybed & full size bed))

Child Craft Parisian 3-in-1 Stationary Crib with height great for short moms - (Cool Grey Finish)
  • This elegant convertible crib by Baby Relax grows with your child and has a comfortable height for short parents.
  • Use this crib through your child's early years with the convertible design that features a mattress that gradually lowers eventually transforming into a child's daybed.
  • Crib has a classic white finish with beautiful grey side panels.
  • Solid wood construction converts easily from a crib to a child's daybed and to a full size bed (siderails and mattress sold separately)
  • more...
  • This crib is reported on the web as being 48" high but after contacting Child Craft I learned that the front measurement from floor to top rail is 36 1/4", which works better for short moms, parents.
  • Features a two position strong metal mattress support so you can easily lower the mattress as your baby grows.
  • The Child Craft Bradford is made of all wood construction.
  • Crib converts to toddler bed, daybed and full-size bed.
  • Cherry finish but also comes in white.
  • more...
  • The Parisian crib offers a stylized, modern twist on the classic sleigh crib yet is good for short moms because the height is 34.5".
  • Grows with baby as it converts to a day bed and to a toddler bed.
  • Crib has a strong, steel mattress support which adjusts to 2 heights.
  • Mattress and toddler guard rail sold separately.
  • This crib is finished to perfection using a baby safe, non-toxic cool grey finish.
  • more...
Baby Crib Accessories    
Trend Lab Baby Crib Wrap Fleece Rail Cover for Long Rail, White
My First Mattress Premium Memory Foam Crib Mattress with Removable Waterproof Cover
dexbaby Safe Sleeper Convertible Baby Crib Bed Rail, White
Trend Lab Crib Wrap Fleece Rail Cover, bite guard crib teething crib guard
My First Mattress - Premium Memory Foarm Crib Mattress with Removable Washable Waterproof Cover
dexbaby Safe Sleeper toddler bed rails convertible cribs, white
  • Ideal for teething babies and toddlers, the Trend Lab CribWrap Rail Cover and Bite guard prevents your child from ingesting crib particles or toxins.
  • This soft fabric is safe for babies to gnaw or chew with their gums or teeth.
  • The back of the crib teething rail guard features a waterproof backing to protect the crib from moisture and teeth marks.
  • Available in five colors: Brown, Grey, Sage, White and Natural.
  • PVC, lead and phthalate free.
  • more...
  • A good mattress not only makes bedtime more comfortable for your baby but it also supports his or her growing bones.
  • This crib mattress is made of extra firm high-density foam to give infants support, yet be comfortable for them.
  • Mattress measures 51 5/8" x 27 1/4" x 5" and is designed with square corners for snug fit in the crib.
  • The My First crib mattress comes with a removable plush velour cover with a waterproof backing that is machine washable.
  • more...
  • The dexbaby Convertible Crib Safety Rail is the perfect solution for transitioning your toddler from their crib to a toddler bed.
  • It is designed to work with all convertible cribs.
  • These toddler bed rails for convertible cribs feature a reinforced anchor system for the safest rail possible.
  • Being 16" height makes it safe for even thick mattresses.
  • Has no shart edges and folds down for easing changing.
  • Requires NO tools to install.
  • 33" Long
  • more...



Finding A Baby Crib For A Short Moms Height

Oct. 19, 2020 - Baby cribs are not really designed with short parents in mind. They don't even give the complete dimensions so you can determine if the crib will work for you and your baby. If you are a mom on the petite side then with a lot of the cribs you feel like you have to reach up and just kind of dump your baby on to the mattress and hope you don't hurt them. Tags: baby cribs for petite moms, cribs for short moms, cribs for short people, cribs for short parents, baby beds for short moms

Some cribs like the Child Craft Bradford shown above will actually work for a shorter mother if the seller would just list the height of all sides of the crib. The one height listed is actually the back side which is much higher than the front side that a mom would actually be using when putting their baby to bed.

A crib like the babyletto Hudson shown above not only has a low profile (low rise) it can be made even shorter by taking the feet nubs off, which will make it even shorter.

Most baby cribs today allow you to adjust the height of the mattress in the crib. While the baby is still young raising the mattress to the maximum height may help you to use a taller crib. As the baby grows and you need to lower the mattress then you will be picking your baby up in a different manner that will probably work for you at that time.

The other consideration that a petite mom needs to keep in mind when selecting an infant crib is their own back. Putting yourself into awkward postions trying to put your baby into the crib, and also lift them out, can be a strain on your own back and body. So, if you can use a baby crib that relieves some of this strain it would be a good move.



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