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Everything in Activity Sensory Toys For Infants and Babies

Sensory Toys for Infants and Baby Last Updated Mar. 16, 2018 - Stimulating Baby Toy & Infant Stimulation Toys.  Baby stimulating, baby development & educational toy and products. Help your baby with sensory toys and infant activity toys that encourage development. What is a Stimulating Baby Toy?....

Fortunately there are many baby learning toys that aid your baby / infant with their developmental abilities and offer hours of fun in the process.

Multi sensory hanging toys aid baby with hand eye coordination. Some sensory stimulating toys for infants and baby have music, mirrors, flashing lights and lots of hanging toys for swatting and bating. Also, great baby gifts for Christmas or other occasions.

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym Multi Sensory Toy with hanging, dangling animals toys designed to aid learning development for baby.
Eye Tracking Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps Collection Musical Friends Baby Bouncer with activity center is one of the best toys for infant stimulation.
Entertaining and Challenging PlayGro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle tactile stimulation for baby, great for grasping skills.
Fun Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym - (5 playful multi sensory hanging animal toys)
Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps Collection Musical Friends Baby Bouncer - (Light Show encourages eye-tracking)
Entertaining PlayGro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle (Quite a few activities to entertain or challenge baby)
  • Lots to do in the Treetop activity gym with 5 hanging toys that attach to 13 easy to hang loops offering irrrestible multi-sensory play for baby at all stages of development.
  • Baby can be entertained for hours with all the dangling toys designed to also help them develop their senses.
  • This activity gym features soft linen and patterned arches and includes a matching supportive Tummy Time pillow.
  • 17 developmental activities for baby / infant.
  • For ages 0 and above.
  • more...
  • Introduce baby to an early love of music and global beats with this fun-filled bouncer.
  • Helps entertain baby with a removable toy bar featuring lights, sounds and music and animal activity toy friends.
  • Animal friends bounce and wiggle overhead as baby's own movements make the seat gently bounce, encouraging baby to reach and grasp.
  • Remove the toy bar and switch on calming vibrations to let baby nap or relax.
  • more...
  • The sounds and music patterns of this cute activity baby rattle are all about stimulating baby's senses.
  • The colorful click clack beads assist in development of baby's hand / eye coordination.
  • Each of the clip clop hooves has a different activity for baby to experience.
  • The crinkle noises feature assists with sensory and tactile development.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Not only great for child's sensory development but keeps baby busy any time.
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Surprise! What's Inside The Box Sensory Game
Sturdy Fisher-Price Sit-me-up Floor Seat for girls with sensory stimulating toys
Wonder Toys Wrap Around Crib Rail Sensory Toy with Music and Flashing Lights
Surprise! What's Inside Toy Box - (Fun Put and Take Out Sensory Game)
Fisher Price Sit-me-Up Floor Seat, Girl (2 linkable toys within baby's reach offer sensory-stimulating fun)
Wonder Toys Wrap Around Crib Rail Toys with Music and Flashing Lights (Also good for baby car seats and high chairs)
  • This fun toy by Genius Baby Toy is recommended for babies 3 months and up.
  • It is a fun, put-and-take out sensory game in a high quality cloth covered toy box (7 inch cube).
  • Inside the box are 8 soft-sculptured toys with fun textures and sounds.
  • Toys are realistic and just the right size for a young child to grasp and assists with sensory and language development.
  • This is the perfect portable seat for babies that are strong enough to support their own head, but who can't quite site up on their own yet.
  • Baby can sit up and interact with the world around her in this comfortable, supportive fabric seat with a wide sturdy base.
  • For fine motor-skill building there are two linkable toys within baby's reach.
  • Fabric seat pad is machine washable.
  • Not only is this a valuable sensory toy for your baby, it is also adorable "dressing" for your crib.
  • Wraps around the crib rail and offers great visual stimulation and other activities.
  • Press the nose and it will start singing and flashing beautiful lights to keep baby occupied for some time.
  • Good idea for baby shower gift or for use at a daycare.
Tomy Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Musical Toy, encourages baby to reach and hit strengthening hand eye coordination for infants
Infant Galt Playnest Farm sensory stiumlation toys to promote development of touch, vision and hearing
Playgro Playtime Gift Set with lots of stimulation baby toys
Tomy Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Musical Toy (Encourages baby to reach strengthening hand eye coordination)

Galt Playnest Farm - (Activities in the nest help simulate touch, vision and hearing)

Playgro Playtime Gift Pack - (Ten toys, various noises and textures in this gift set for baby)
  • The soft chime garden is one of those children sensory toys that encourages baby to reach, bat and tug, helping build coordination and strength.
  • This toy features textures, ribbons and friendly smiling faces that provide baby with multi sensory fun and encourages two-handed play.
  • Three modes of music will awaken baby's auditory awareness.
  • Five smiling faces light up, chime and play songs at the touch of baby's hand.
  • more...
  • A self-contained play environment for babies with 8 multi sensory features to stimulate touch, vision and hearing.
  • Baby can also sit in the Playnest while playing with other toys.
  • The triangular fabric covered inflatable ring provides additional support for baby during play or rest.
  • A self contained play environment for babies with patterns, textures and sounds to explore.
  • The fabric cover has a quilted center for comfort of baby.
  • Lots of infant sensory toys in vibrant colors for baby to pull, shake or pinch and help with visual stimulation and development.
  • Textured teethers to help soothe baby's sore gums.
  • Crinkle sounds encourage baby to reach and touch and stimulates audio development.
  • Toys are washable and BPA free.
  • Ideal gift set for a baby shower or new baby of friend or family member.
Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat for Babies Fun
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy babies sensory toys for fine motor skills
Barefoot Dreams Barefoot in the Wild Plush Elephant with suede inside the ears and tail for sensory and play.
Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat - (Filled with sensory stimulating patterns, toys and sounds)
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy - (Helps develop sensory and fine motor skills)
Barefoot Dreams Barefoot in the Wild Plush Elephant - (your child's favorite sidekick)
  • This portable activity gym and play mat are filled with adorable play pals, must touch textures, sensory stimulating patterns and interesting sounds all in one simple-to-store small bundle.
  • Overhead discovery baby's sensory toys.
  • Soft bolster helps prop baby up for tummy time and non-breakable peek-a-boo mirror included.
  • Four removable, contract infant sensory toys to encourage reaching and batting.
  • more...
  • Smart Stages technology changes the learning content as baby grows.
  • This technology give you the ability to select the stage that's best for your child.
  • There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, sounds and phrases within 3 levels of play.
  • Tummy, paws, ears and light-up heart respond to baby's touch (7 activations in all).
  • Introduces body parts, letters, colors, counting and more.
  • 50+ sing-along songs, tunes and phrases.
  • more...
  • The inside of the tail and ears are made out of suede which is perfect for sensory and play.
  • This super soft and cuddly elephant is sure to become your child' favorite sidekick as they grow.
  • Measurement 12" W x 9" H
  • Warm gray color.
  • This little elephant has a short nap and is a cuddly little armful of perfect squish.
  • Able to stand on all fours and also remains upright well.
  • Perfect gift for baby at Christmas or other times.
  • more...
O Ball Wobble Bobble Toy with bright colors to stimulate baby's senses
Sassy Pop n' Push Car for Baby
Playgro Bead Buddies Giraffe Sensory Toy for Baby
O Ball Wobble Bobble Toy with Bright Colors
Sassy Pop n' Push Car - (Helps develop motor skills and crawling)
Playgro Bead Buddies Giraffe - (Helps develop fine motor skills of sound, touch, cognitive skills and more)
  • Babies absolutely love this vibrating ball that rolls and wobbles across the floor in a different direction every time.
  • Your baby will chase after the the ball while laughing the whole way.
  • Plays silly sounds while it shakes and wobbles.
  • Multiple textures and bright colors on the ball to stimulate baby's senses.
  • more...
  • This little Sassy Pop-n-Push car inspires exploration and promotes cause and effect learning.
  • Your baby will find it fun to pull the easy to grasp car back and watch the popping beads that hit the cars top.
  • This brightly colored toy will encourage 6 months and older childre in motor skill development.
  • more...
  • Bead Buddies Giraffe encourages cognitive skills; sensory development; motor skills; dexterity; stimulate senses; visual sensory; exercises baby's mind and body.
  • Machine wash and hang dry.
  • Different textures and elements on the toy to entertain baby.
  • Nice baby gift.
  • more...
Musical Mobiles Baby Cribs    
Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile, Baby Mobiles Cribs
Fisher-Price Musical Crib Mobile, Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves Baby Mobile for Crib
Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Musical Mobiles for Baby Cribs, Blue
Fisher Price Precious Planet Projection Mobile musical mobiles baby cribs
Fisher-Price Musical Crib Mobile, Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves
Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Baby Music Mobile Crib, Blue
  • These animal themed musical mobiles for cribs combine music, plush animal figurines and movement with light projection.
  • Soft, colorful animal friends from around the planet twirl on the baby musical mobile and smile down at your baby.
  • Plays a full 20 minutes of music and nature and heartbeat sounds.
  • Includes one remote control and 4 plush animals on the mobile for baby's entertainment and to help promote brain development.
  • These crib musical mobiles are designed for use from newborns up to five months.
  • more...
  • This baby mobile for cribs features 3 soothing settings: motion, music and lights.
  • Music and motion or music with night light.
  • Shiny leaves wave gently up and down on this music mobile crib while a smiling dragonfly plays peek-a-boo to musical accompaniment.
  • Rainforest friends join in the fun, dancing and twirling as the crib mobile spins around.
  • Mom can use the remote to start classical music from Bach, Beethoven and m ounce art, or baby can listen to soothing sounds from the rainforest.
  • 3 Settings: Mute, low & high.
  • more...
  • This uniquely designed musical mobile for cribs offers babies a selection of 18 different tunes in 6 separate categories.
  • Once baby is on the go, the musical mobile can be converted into a fun music box that toddlers love to carry around.
  • The Soothe 'n Groove mobile has up to 40 minutes of continuous non-repetitive music.
  • The mobile includes 3 plush spinning animals designed to stimulate and engage babies.
  • As baby grows you can remove the mobile arm and leave the music box and night light mounted on the crib.


How Do Sensory Toys Help Your Child's Development

Toys are not only fun for children, they also help a child learn about themselves and the world around them. Active play is critical to the healthy growth of your child.

While playing children build muscles, develop hand to eye co-ordination, learn to solve problems, to get along with others and simply to grow and learn.

Gross motor skills are developed as a child learns to reach, grasp, crawl, run, climb and balance and fine motor skills are developed as children play with and handle small toys.

Toys like the activity gyms are great sensory toys for babies to begin developing these type skills early on in life. They can begin to focus their eyes on the hanging toys and start to reach and grab for them building muscles. These are great toys for developing hand eye coordination in infants as they grow.

When exposed to colorful toys, in different shapes children quickly learn colors, size and shapes and even numbers. This gives the child the ability to enhance their memory skills as well as their attention span.

As children play in a more stimulating environment they move on to a higher level of thought processes.

As a child plays and interacts with toys that talk, have music sounds and does this with others they begin to develop language skills. A toy like the Fisher-Price laugh and learn puppy is a good beginner toy to help with language development.

As parents you can watch your child's development so that you stay just ahead of what their developmental needs are. You can add to the complexity of the play so that they continue to grow and learn. Join in with your child's play so that they know you are interested in what they are doing and then they will want to do more.

What Development Toys Are Approriate For What Age?

Newborn to 1 year old...

A baby learns about his or her surrandings by beginning to use all five senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. They are also beginning to learn cause and effect. Some toys for this age group include:

Children Age 1 year to 3 years old...

As your child begins walking, pushing, climbing and riding they begin to develop a strong interest in manipulating and problem solving with toys like these:

Children Age 3 years to 5 years old...

Preschoolers begin to love being around other children their age and they like to share in many kinds of activities with them, such as:

  • Dress up and accessories
  • Puzzles
  • Ride on toys
  • Slides and Swings
  • Books with pictures
  • Toys that Go
  • Toys for outdoor activities

Selecting The Right Toys

Their are toys that are fads and won't always be played with for a very long time. Then there are those toys that have withstood the test of time and will give your child many years of enjoyment. Here are just a few thing to think about when selecting toys for your child:

  • Know your child - is the toy appropriate for your child's age, skill set and abilities.
  • Will it hold your child's interest
  • Is the toy well designed
  • Is it safe - check for sharp edges, parts that can be swalloed or loose ties.
  • Is it durble enough to take rough treatment
  • Does the toy stimulate creativity and can your little girl or boy learn from it as well as have fun playing.
  • Does it offer practice in eye-hand coordination or fine and large motor skills.
  • Is the toy something you can afford and does the price match the value you child will receive from it.
  • Is the toy fun? Will your child enjoy playing with the toy? Will it make him or her laugh, relax and feel good.
  • Play is not only a time to develop their bodies and mental abilites, it is a time to have fun.

Activity Toys Contents at a glance....
Fun Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Multi Sensory Hanging Toys Activity Gym Animals for Baby's Development Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps Collection Musical Friends Stimulating Baby Bouncer Toy
Entertaining PlayGro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle to Start Your Child's Sensory Development
Surprise! What's Inside Toy Box, Fun Put and Take Out Sensory Game
Upright Portable Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat for Girl with Motor Skill Building Linkable Toys
Wonder Toys Wrap Around Crib Rail Sensory Toy with Music and Flashing Lights
Tomy Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Musical Toy Strengthens Hand Eye Coordination for Baby
Galt Playnest Farm with Infant Sensory Stimulation Toys for Baby to Promote Development During Rest and Play
Playgro Playtime Gift Pack with 10 Sensory Toys for Infants, Baby
Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat, Sensory Stimulating Adorable Play Pals
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy, Helps Develop Sensory and Fine Motor Skills
Barefoot Dreams Barefoot in the Wild Plush Elephant, 9" with suede ears and tail for sensory and play
O Ball Wobble Bobbie Baby Toy with Bright Colors that stimulates baby's senses
Sassy Pop n' Push Car, promotes cause and effect learning by baby
Playgro Bead Buddies Giraffe, helps baby develop fine motor skills
Stimulating Musical Mobiles for Baby Cribs with motion, music and lights

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